Successful R&I 2021 – Description

For the elventh time, the conference invites researchers and entrepreneurs from North Rhine-Westphalia and regions in Europe to find new European research and innovation (R&I) partners for Horizon Europe projects.
The series of events has been a great success with over 2900 participants since 2009.

We offer an exhibition „Innovations for Europe based in North-Rhine Westphalia“.

The networking event will be structured in parallel workshops focusing on seven topics:
• Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
• Nanotechnology, Materials and Manufacturing (NMM)
• Energy
• Sustainable Economy
• Life Sciences
• Transport

The event addresses especially universities and research institutes and small as well as medium-sized enterprises. Participants are invited to become involved in established and new technology networks between researchers, entrepreneurs and multipliers related to Horizon Europe. Giving a short presentation (ideas and/or results) or finding a partner by talking to decision-makers opens doors for new research and innovation projects in Europe with a focus on Horizon Europe.
Conference fee: € 120 (€ 95 one day) per person including VAT. Free participation for speakers in sessions 1 to 5.
Please note that the event organizer does NOT cover any travel expenses, costs for hotels etc.! The conference fee includes dinner on 04.11., lunch on 05.11., tea/coffee/cold drinks during the breaks and the airport-venue shuttle (solely as provided by the organizers). Call for presentations (ideas and/or results) is open until 04 October 2021. Deadline for registration is: 28 October 2021.