Successful R&I 2017 – Programme


Thursday, 2 March 2017 (Day 1)

including exhibition: Innovations for Europe based in NRW

13.05Opening Session
Svenja Schulze, Minister for Innovation, Science and Research of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia
13.15Keynote Speech
Dr. Ruxandra Draghia Akli, Deputy Director-General, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission, Brussels
13.35Introduction of Partner Regions
Dr. Bernd Janson, ZENIT GmbH
13.40Success Stories in Europe based in NRW

The fuel cell research center, Dr.-Ing. Peter Beckhaus, ZBT GmbH, Duisburg

INVITE / F³ Factory, Dr. Armin Schweiger, INVITE GmbH, Leverkusen
14.00Coffee/ Start of parallel sessions
14.15Session 1: Parallel Workshops
“European projects seeking partners”

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Integration of Science and its importance for the Development of Innovation
Jacek Olejnik, JAS technologie, Warsaw, PL

RIFFLES – Rail Inspection and Failure Localisation System
Dr. Otmar Schuster, GEOhaus, Muelheim an der Ruhr, NRW

Penetration of niche technologies in their capacity as industrial shift trigger (FERI UM)
Darja Kukovic, Univeristy of Maribor, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Maribor, SI

V2X RF FEModule : RF-SOI Process for RF Power Die
Eric Mercier, CEA-LETI – DACLE, Grenoble, FR

Digital-to-analog converter for mobile devices. Scientific and business usage of patent: system for remote controlling devices by a smartphone
Jan Ekiel, Liki Mobile Solutions, Łódź, PL

Auto scalable applications on cloudSME platform – looking for use case partner
Andreas Ocklenburg, cloudSME UG, DE

Nanotechnology, Materials and Manufacturing (NMM)

Design for the Benefit of Research
Robert Henderson, UNStudio – Knowledge Platforms, Amsterdam, NL

Multi-physic and multi-scale modeling for Metal Additive Manufacturing Processes
Wolfgang Ottow, ESI Software Germany GmbH, Essen, NRW

Center of Microelectronics and Nanotechnology
Professor Jacek Polit, University of Rzeszow – Center of Microelectronics and Nanotechnology, Rzeszow, PL

Smart Metrology – Metrology for Industry 4.0
Dr. Marijn van Veghel, VSL, Delft, NL

Value-Added Manufacturing for Energy and Transportation Industries
Dr. Omer Necati Cora, Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, TR

Combining process and product innovations in Solgel to address new markets
Emmanuel Daugeras, Solgelway, L’étang la ville, FR

Development of the high strength Fe and Cu based alloys for additive manufacturing
Dr. Wojciech Burian, Institute of Non Ferrous Metals, Giwice, PL

Micronit Microtechnologies, innovative solutions for Lab-on-a-chip applications
Dr. Aliki Tsopela, Micronit Microtechnologies, Enschede, NL


Opportunities of High-Temperature Thermal Energy Storage Technologies
Dr. Thomas Bauer, German Aerospace Center (DLR) – Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics, Cologne,

Advanced Power Systems
Dr. Vasileios Gregoriou, National Hellenic Research Foundation – Central Administration, Athens, GR

Tidal Turbine Power Take-off Accelerator (TiPA)
Tobias Duda, RWTH Aachen University – Chair for Wind Power Drives, Aachen, NRW

The Solution is right beneath our feet: Energy that is free, unlimited, without cost, and patently consistently available
Geerling Offereins, TDD International, Hilversum, NL

Affecting energy demand peaks with Demand-Response
Tapio Toivanen, Salusfin Ltd, Espoo, FI

Funded research and innovation activities at Eaton
Jörgen von Bodenhausen, Eaton – Corporate Department Government Programs EMEA, Bonn, NRW

Using Aerial Thermography and Satellite Data for Energy Efficiency Applications
Rolf Wilting, EUROSENSE, Rheinbach, NRW

Key Enabling Technologies in Aerospace
Manuel La Rosa, PI Integral Solutions Limited, Cologne, NRW

Market understanding and social acceptance as a condition of succesful implementation of R&D projects
Przemyslaw Dana, ASM-Market Research and Analysis Centre – Department of International Cooperation, Kutno, PL

Sustainable Economy

Biopolymers in textile process chain and economy
Benjamin Weise, Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH University, Aachen, NRW

BIOFOREVER, a Horizon 2020 project to demonstrate the viability of a commercial scale biorefinery in Europe
Anton Robek, Bio Refinery Development BV, Brunssum, NL

SuperBIO: supporting SMEs to innovate in the biobased economy
Dr. Stefan Ruyters, Flanders BioBased Valley, Ghent, BE

Upgrading of liquid manure to a natural organic fertilizer: Lignite acts as collector of plant nutrients and source of humic matter for soil fertility
Dr. Horst Meyrahn, Agrihumin GmbH, Brühl, NRW

Product design in Biobased Plastics
Paul Eilbracht, PE Design & Engineering BV – Design Bio based Plastic products, Rotterdam, NL

How informal learning can help you in the deliverables of your H2020 project? Go beyond text deliverables to create an impact
Dr. Carolina Islas, Ubium Oy, Joensuu, FI

Impact for your R&I H2020 project
Emma Buchet, Sparks & Co, Paris, FR
16.15Session 2: Parallel Workshops
“European projects seeking partners”

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

R&I at the ALTRAN group – call for partnering
Dr. Daniel Fulger, ALTRAN SAS & CO KG, Düsseldorf, NRW

One step forward to ICT Innovation in Agriculture
Łukasz Łowiński, Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Poznań, PL

Computer Vision and Machine Learning applied in Security, Health and Education
Dr. Stylianos Asteriadis, University of Maastricht – Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering,
Maastricht, NL

Successful R&I in Hungary
Tamas Varga, Regens Plc., Budapest, HU

Gamification: going beyond engagement
Andrii Pomazanskyi, Nurogames GmbH, Cologne, NRW

Innovative science communication in H2020 projects
Dr. Dennis Fink, mediomix GmbH, Cologne, NRW

Audio Game Hub – Audio Games Platform for rehabilitation of disabled people
Szymon Dudek, Liki Mobile Solutions, Łódź, PL

Build your smart factory
Dr. Stéphanie Philippe, PERFECT INDUSTRY, Orléans, FR

Nanotechnology, Materials and Manufacturing (NMM)

Biobased composite materials based on foam technology
Dr. Ulla Forsström, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd – Fibres and biomaterials, Espoo, FI

The Technology Partners Foundation experience in nanomaterials and nanotechnology development
Professor Anna Boczkowska, Technology Partners Foundation, Warsaw, PL

Synthesis of Highly Specific Nanomaterials on the Pilot Plant Scale – An Approach to New Energy and Environmental Applications
Tim Hülser, Institute of Energy and Environmental Technology e.V. – Particle Process Technology and
Characterization, Duisburg, NRW

Wear resistant composites and high-conductive composites
Dr. Szymon Malara, Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals – Department of Metals and Alloys Processing, Gliwice, PL

New materials and solutions for Plastic Wall & Floorcovering
Dr. Olivier Ceysson, GERFLOR Group, Saint Paul, FR

Sustainable materials for tunable micro- and nanoelectronics
Dr. Johannes Frantti, Finnish Research and Engineering, Helsinki, FI

Dr. Tim Gorter, DEMCON, NL

Nanostructured Hybrid Materials Fabrication and Characterization
Professor Amir Fahmi, Hochschule Rhein-Waal – Faculty Technology and Bionics, Kleve, NRW

Research and development service for tire manufacturers
Dr. Sirkka Hagman, Black Donuts Engineeering, Pirkkala, FI


Smart Mobility – Pollution reduction
Julian Wruk, Bergische Universität Wuppertal, Wuppertal, NRW

Applications for green and sustainable energy transfer by Industrial microwave
Renaat Van Geel, MEAM bvba, Herk-de-Stad, BE

Compact electromechanic energy store
Dr. Zbigniew Kulesza, Bialystok University of Technology – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Bialystok, PL

Best practice regional decarbonisation as applied to the transboundary German-Czech-Polish triangle
Professor Carmen de Jong, University of Strasbourg – Institute of Imagery, City and Environment, Strasbourg, FR

Noise Abatement and Sustainability
Michael Dreesmann, NiELS eG, Berlin, DE

Torque Measurement in the MNm range (MNm Torque)
Stefan Kock, RWTH Aachen – Chair for Wind Power Drives, Aachen, NR

Sustainable Economy

Energy and material from waste by innovative treatment technologies in technical and industrial scale on the research site :metabolon
Professor Michael Bongards, TH Köln – University of Applied Sciences – :metabolon research Cluster,
Gummersbach, NRW

Intensification of international cooperation through participation in Horizon 2020
Dr. Aleksandra Koteras, Central Mining Institute, Katowice, PL

Systems level circular economy expertise and SME partner for projects
Paula Fontell, Ethica Ltd, Helsinki, FI

SCREEN: Synergic Circular Economy across European Regions
Carlo Polidori, VELTHA ivzw – VELTHA ivzw, Tervuren, BE

Furthering the reuse of notebooks from private households and SMEs – the eco-innovation project RUN (ReUse Notebook)
Julia Wolf, Dr. Brüning Engineering UG, Brake, DE

Implementing circular economic industrial ecosystems on the operative basis of natural ecosystems
Dr. Devrim Murat Yazan, University of Twente – Department of Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems, Enschede, NL

Partner for Scientific Research in the Field of Sustainable Economy, Location and Space
Friedrich Schulte-Derne, University of Duisburg-Essen – Department of Geography, Essen, NRW
18.15Session 3: Parallel Workshops
“Services for proposals and projects”

1. Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) and Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI)

Roman P. Willweber, BHO – Baumann Heinrich Ortner

Doris Scheffler, Juan Carmona-Schneider, ZENIT GmbH / NRW.Europa

Reinhard Hammerschmidt, empirica Gesellschaft für Kommunikations- und Technologieforschung mbH

Philippe Segers, GENCI

Dr. Robert Deiszs, Universitätsklinikum Aachen

2. European financing instruments

Benno Weißer, Dr. Karsten W. Lemke, ZENIT GmbH / NRW.Europa

Dr. Dirk Bessau, InnoEnergy Germany

Dr. Bernward Garthoff, BIO.NRW

3. Exchange of experience for SMEs and other companies (IPR, exploitation, dissemination)

Bernd Meyer, ZENIT GmbH / NRW.Europa

Dr. Andrea Di Anselmo, META Group

Marie Sorivelle, Danish Technological Institute

Felix Richter, AiF Projekt Gmb

4. Enterprise Europe Network – How the network supports organisations in the area of R+D+I

Sabrina Wodrich, Agnieszka Kaminska-Swiat, ZENIT GmbH / NRW.Europa

Enterprise Europe Network partners from the Netherlands

Rainer Dorau, Deutsche Messe 
19.15Interactive Dinner & Science Slam
Science Slam by Remco Castelijn, NL
20.30“Düsseldorf by night”
bus tour/city sightseeing

Friday, 3 March 2017 (Day 2)

including exhibition: Innovations for Europe based in NRW

9.35Services for Proposals and Projects
Jan Skriwanek, National Contact Point Life Sciences, Project Management Agency – part of the German Aerospace Center, PT DLR
9.45Success Stories in Europe based in NRW

Health: my-AHA, Nico Kaartinen, Kaasa solution GmbH, Düsseldorf

Plant-inspired Robotics: flora robotica, Prof. Dr. Heiko Hamann, University of Paderborn
10.05Coffee/Start of parallel sessions
10.15Session 4: Parallel Workshops
“European projects seeking partners”

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Sparse Signal Processing
Professor Aydin Sezgin, Ruhr-University Bochum, Bochum, NRW

Representation of conflicting narratives: methods and platforms to represent complexity for public discourse
Professor Hartmut Koenitz, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht – Professorship Interactive Narrative Design, Utrecht, NL

Handelsblatt Research Institute – EU Experience and Interest
Dr. Jan Kleibrink, Handelsblatt Research Institute, Düsseldorf, NRW

Emotional remote sensors in virtual reality: the underestimated role of emotions in human interaction
Miriam Reiner, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, IL

Model-Aided Engineering of Complex Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems
Thuy Nguyen, EDF, Chatou, FR

mmW and THz toward wireless Tbps’
Eric Mercier, CEA-LETI – DACLE, Grenoble, FR

Nearshoring in Horizon 2020 projects: the possibility or necessity
Przemek Mikus, Liki Mobile Solutions, Lodz, PL

Academy Het Dorp
Professor Jos Lichtenberg, Academy Het Dorp, Arnhem, NL

Nanotechnology, Materials and Manufacturing (NMM)

Successful R&I – a lighting example
Jennifer Geldt, InovisCoat GmbH, Monheim, NRW

Metal science for renewable energy and transport applications
Dr. Karen Hemelsoet, Ghent University, Zwijnaarde, BE

Business Research at VTT
Jukka Hemilä, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd – Business Ecosystem Development, Espoo, FI

Current R&D-Projects at Coatema: Scaling and Pilot Lines for innovative Applications
Thomas Kolbusch, Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Dormagen, NRW

EU Partner Search – Collaboration opportunities
Rafael Michalczuk, Swarovski Professional, Wattens, AT

Life Sciences

Inspiring Technology for Neuroscience
Dr. Bram van de Laar, ANT Neuro, Enschede, NL

Towards prospective life-support systems for ultra-hyperbaric environments: biophysical and biomedical approaches
Dr. Yevgeny Moskovitz, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev – Department of Physiology & Cell Biology, Beer-
Sheva, IL

Mossakowski Medical Research Centre – bridge between medical biology and clinical medicine. Current research and scientific potential
Professor Andrzej Ziemba, Mossakowski Medical Research Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, PL

A novel approach to the oncology biobank integrated with omics analysis in the University setting
Professor Jacek Niklinski, Medical University of Bialystok – Department of Clinical Molecular Biology, Bialystok, PL

OncoCiDia: A Small Molecular Dual Targeting Pan-anticancer Chemoradial Theragnostic Strategy
Professor Yicheng Ni, KU Leuven – Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Leuven, BE

CEACAM1: novel therapeutic target in immuno-oncology and infection
Dr. Bernhard B. Singer, Univeristy Duisburg-Essen – Institute of Anatomy, Essen, NRW

Precise Motion and Gas Control for Medical and Diagnostic Applications
Adrien Tenga, PARKER HANNIFIN, Longvic, FR

New and Improved Enzymes for Industrial Applications or Biomass Degradation
Dr. Mareike Dirks-Hofmeister, WeissBioTech GmbH, Ascheberg, NRW


Rail Vehicle Research at the German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Sebastian Streit, German Aerospace Center, Cologne, NRW

Business project: Global online system for monitoring integrity of containers and safety of cargo
Evgeny Novikov, GPC Doerfer International GmbH – StopGuard, Aachen, NRW

From ordinary travel to enhanced trip, with sensory design
Alexandra Despres, RCP Design Global – Certesens, Tours, FR

Sustainable Propulsion Systems
Bastian Lehrheuer, RWTH Aachen University – Institut for Combustion Engines, Aachen, NRW

INTERMODEL EU: Improvement of mobility infrastructures design, construction and operation through BIM implementation and its 8th Dimension – Process simulations
Mikel Borras Morrison, IDP Ingeniería y Arquitectura Iberia S.L.U. – R+D Department, Sabadell / Barcelona, ES

Less noise, less weight, more reliability in the transportation and energy sectors
Henri Saucy, Vibratec SA, Ecully, FR

SAFEPOST Project Results
Dr. Antonino Scribellito, PostEurop, Brussels, BE

Research strategy of the Department of Off-Road Machine and Vehicle Engineering
Dr. Damian Stefanow, Wrocław University of Science and Technology – Department of Off-Road Machine and
Vehicle Engineering, Wrocław, PL
12.00Session 5: Parallel Workshops
“European projects seeking partners”

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Discovering opportunities on foreign markets, with prescience from Big Data – Towards the European emancipation of SMEs
Ad Popper, Xilion webservices, Heiloo, NL

Web Search and Data Mining at the Institute for Web Science and Technologies: Cooperation Potentials
Dr. Mahdi Bohlouli, University of Koblenz – Institute for Web Science and Technologies, Koblenz, DE

Show Fairs – software supports innovation
Przemyslaw Koper, Liki Mobile Solutions, Lodz, PL

H2020 ICT30 project proposal on disruptive method for optical components manufacturing
Dr. Yves Hernandez, MULTITEL – Applied Photonics, Mons, BE

Nanotechnology, Materials and Manufacturing (NMM)

High-throughput electrosprayed particles as time-regulated drug delivery systems
Matej Buzgo, InoCure s.r.o., Prague, CZ

Collaborative Research in the Materials Group at TWI
Damien Kirkpatrick, TWI Ltd – Materials Group, Cambridge, UK

New vision of „high-security“ products – „graphene hologram“. Application of graphene as unique alternative of holograms – method of authentication and verification by using Information and Communication Technologies
Piotr Nawrocki, ID Block Systems, Warszawa, PL

Standardization in European R&D projects
Christine Fuß, DIN e. V., Berlin, DE

Life Sciences

Liège University Hospital,…Why more than a Hospital
Dr. Marcela Chavez, Liège University Hospital, Liège, BE

Seeking collaborative research ideas – Erasmus MC
Dr. John Hays, Erasmus University Medical Centre Rotterdam (Erasmus MC), Rotterdam, NL

Electrospinning, the versatile nanofibre and nanoparticle production method
Magnus Kruse, Institut für Textiltechnik der RWTH Aachen University – Medical Fiber Systems, Aachen, NRW

STATICE: Your Partner for Innovative Medical Devices
Dr. Pierre Pouponneau, STATICE, Besançon, FR

Insights into ADHD care in Germany based on SHI claims data – Results of CoCA study
Melanie May, HGC Gesundheitsconsult GmbH, Düsseldorf, NRW

Implementation of H2020-MSCA-COFUND grant „International PhD studies in Biomedical Research and Biostatistics“ by Medical University of Bialystok
Professor Marcin Moniuszko, Medical University of Bialystok, Bialystok, PL

SME Instrument

GreenAlyze : An Integrated Simulation and Optimization Platform for Bio-Refineries
Michel Lenoel, P+I, Aix en provence, FR

The Human Factor in Innovation – Complex challenges in society require the application of new insights in the human factor in organisational innovation
Dr. Vincent Pieterse, WhozNext, Amsterdam, NL

Framework Ecosystem for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Fashion industries
Mustapha Sahin, Vnus GmbH, Düsseldorf, NRW

Innovative drug-releasing scaffolds for advanced organotypic models
Radovan Vacek, InoCure s.r.o., Prague, CZ

Hybrid Realms, Tools and Convolutional Neural Networks for Natural and Synthetic Technological Relationships
Professor Robert Wendrich, Rawshaping Technology [RST] – RBSO – University of Twente, Nieuwkoop, NL
13.00Interactive lunch/Find a Partner