Successful R&I in Europe 2019-Call for presentations

Prior to the conference each year we announce a Call for Presentations.

Delegates are invited to submit suggestions for the presentation either of an idea for a joint Horizon 2020 proposal or of results from an EU-funded project ready for commercialisation. The presentations are held in the framework of workshops on specific themes, which are announced together with the conference programme.

The aim of the Call for Presentations is to facilitate communication between the participants.

Speakers profit threefold:

  • They have the opportunity to present their ideas for joint Horizon 2020 proposals/EU-funded research results to the audience in a thematically related workshop.
  • During the breaks there are special booths for further discussions between presenter and audience.
  • The conference participation fee is waived for speakers! (One per presentation.)

Once the Call for Presentations has closed, all submissions are reviewed against specific criteria as follows:

  1. Was the required information provided (and within the deadline)?
  2. Is there evidence of sufficient experience in EU R&D&I programmes?
  3. Is there clear potential for joint projects within Horizon 2020, e.g. are concrete calls mentioned, or do the R&D&I results have real potential for commercialisation?
  4. Does the proposed topic fit in with the overall concept of the foreseen workshop and complement (and not duplicate/is not similar to) the other presentations?

The selected speakers are notified and allocated a 6-minute time slot in one of the thematic workshops. They are then asked to submit a draft of their presentation so that the workshops can be prepared. Presenters are welcome to bring a final version to the event and upload it before the start of their session.

Presentations are uploaded on the conference website after the event.